Naughty spoon

Naughty 9/15/18


Naughty originaly had been developed for boat casting game.
The concept is dart to the left,right,up and down with the rod work.
First of all,we started to develop 20g weight,and then we found out lighter weight was magnetic.
So we decided the line up on 18g,15g,9g.
Lighter weight will bring more distance of dart.

Normally,any spoon catches water with its cup to swim with rolling and wobbling.
But Naughty is oposit.
No catching water.Just cutting water.
You will feel very light pulling when you jerk or twitch this lure.
When you pause rod work Naughty falls like natural dead bait.
It doesn’t matter when your field is tough to fish.
Because no fish has time to judge it’s fake or real bait.

Type Length Weight Hook
Naughty9 65mm 9g Not included
Naughty15 65mm 15g Not included
Naughty18 65mm 18g Not included