Azusa SS9 Slide Spoon

Slide spoon is falling down to your left/right side ramdomly with high-speed rolling itself.
Trout spoon has a big advantage offshore game in Okinawa in this point.
But,previous slide spoon has a weak point “no move in retrieve”.
It’s so hard to use any in wading or shore game.v Azusa SS9 has the benefit “bait-fish-like-swim”in straight retreve with slide fall action.


Slide fall to the side or zigzag
Rolling action in slow retrieve
Wobbling action in middle/fast retrieve
Long casting distance with backward weight

All you do is just mixing those actions what ever you want.
Beginner or expert,doesn’t matter on this lure.
There are clear functions on this lure.

Length Weight Hook Swivel
50mm 9g Not included Included

Local Price¥880JPY