FIDELITY Spoon hook heavy

Thick Single hook with barb for spoon only!

The horizontal eye makes the hook point to te right position.
Until now, there were few hooks with thick shaft and barbs for horizontal eyes.
And because of that,you lose the game with power fighter in Okinawa.
This hook is the solution.

■ Advantages of this hook
Compared to triple hooks, it is easier to penetrate to the end of barb.
Because it is a single hook, it is light and does not kill the movement of the lure.
It is also a big advantage that it can reduce snagging.

■ Appropriate hook size
(# 6) for AZUSA Spoon MS3.
(# 1/0) is suitable for AZUSA Spoon SS9 and Naughty 9.

Size Qty. Compatible
#6 10pcs. AZUSA MS3
#1/0 8pcs. AZUSA SS9/Naughty9