Versatile performance in GT fishing

The softness of GT rod that allows anyone to continue casting heavyweight lures all day long and the strength of GT rod that can fight large GTs are opposites.
GTV has been developed that doesn’t throw away either of those two things.
The length is 8 feet 6 inches. This length is set slightly longer considering use on land-based GT fishing.
GTV is the GT-specific rod that was developed over two years at many situations in both land-based and boat game with one rod.

Developed by testing on rocky shores where the wind changes every moment to find the best setting of the guide size and placement.
Therefore,We found the setting that doesn’t cause to line tangling.

The reel seat is set slightly towards the rod end.
During a fight with GT, the center of gravity is lowered, reducing the burden on the angler. In addition,since the reel seat is low, the blanks that can be used are longer, so it is possible to increase the casting distance and the advantage in line mending.

Although it is a regular taper, it has power from the butt to the belly, so it is set to have a regular fast action like a shore GT rod rather than an offshore rod that bends all over.

The foregrip is long. This prevents the rod from breaking on the gunwale(boat-frame) and to make it easier to pump up while grasping with both hands.
GTV is made by the many types of field as angler’s point of view.

To develop flexibility,we accepted a little more weight of 12% glass material.
In the early stages of development, we tried several lightweight materials with high carbon content, but none of them worked good.

In the end, the carbon content was set at 88%, and we were able to find the best total balance of casting, lure operation, and fighting.
An error action when jerking a pencil can cause you to waste one cast.
It’s a problem with the flexibility of the rod action.
Azusa feels that hard Gt rods are extremely difficult to use and are not for everyday use.

You can easily make full casts of 80 to over 100m(300 feets) all day long, jerk your lure without error actions, and the guides not tangled in the strong winds. When fighting, it gently absorbs the shock of the GT run, but the rod doesn’t bend over too much, and the butt still bring you remaining power to controll rod work and the drag.
That’s the goal of this rod.

GTV86 GT rod

GTV86 GT specific rod

  • GTV86 GT specific rod GT casting rod
  • GTV86
  • GTV86 GT specific rod GT casting rod
  • GTV86 GT specific rod GT casting rod
  • GTV86 GT specific rod GT casting rod
  • GTV86 GT specific rod GT casting rod
  • GTV86 GT specific rod GT casting rod
  • GTV86 GT specific rod GT casting rod
  • GTVロゴ
    One rod can be used boat GT and land-based GT fihsing.
  • GT専用ロッド
    Flexibility and strength,They are the goal of the rod.
  • GTガイド
    Maximize casting distance and prevention of line tangling.
  • The guide setting is compatible with up to 180LB fluoro leaders(FG knot).
  • Long foregrip supports hold with both hands.
  • A rod that is only light and strong is no good. It’s all about balance.
Length Lure Wt. Line Rod weight
8ft.6inch MAX 160g MAX PE#8 470g
Guides Carbon content Rod action collapsed size Tip/butt diameter
Fuji Sic 88% Regular(+ tough butt) 155cm 2.7mm/16mm

Domestic price71,500JPY