Voodoo 78 Torzite guides Special

Super sensitivity and super power with Fuji TORZITE guides and Japanese carbon material

Voodoo 78 equipped with the world’s lightest guide “Fuji Titanium Torzite” to achieve ultra-sensitivity.
The old model of Voodoo series was made for salt version of Power Finesse, and the Voodoo78 Torzite Special 2024 has been improved and has greatly upgraded materials and parts.
This rod accurately conveys detailed information about what happens underwater to the angler.
The 2024 model has been renewed from the blank material to even more reliable Japanese carbon made by TORAY.

The super high elastic carbon enables accurate long-distance casting and lure operation, and conveys to the angler without sacrificing the water infomation.
The guide settings have been improved. The tip side guide (numbers 1 to 4) and reel seat are one size larger than the previous model, and it is now possible to set a middle class reel, which has been requested a lot.
As for the MAX setting, even with the combination of PE#2 and Fluoro leader 40LB, the setting allows the knot to slip through the guide smoothly when casting.

The tip part (#1) use blank power that is one class higher than the old model.
That relief the stress to fight with big fishes.

The extra fast taper of the old model has been set to a slightly milder setting.
So this decrease the peakiness to use larger lures.
The sharp sensitivity that allows you to feel very small bite and the super powerful blanks allows you to catch large fish(up to 15LB).
Another gift is the ability to easily distinguish between snag and fish bites.
So you don’t hook up to the rock and your lure comes back to you.

The rod started to be developed as power finesse rod, so there is still a trick to handling.
But it’s going to be super rod if you master to use.
Without a doubt, there are fish that can only be caught with this rod.

Voodoo 78 Torzite Special 2024

Voodoo 78 Torzite Special 2024

  • Voodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • Voodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • Voodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • Voodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • Voodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • vVoodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • Voodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • Voodoo 78 Torzite Special
  • voodooロゴ
    Based on the old model, materials and parts have been upgraded.
  • The coloring is a dark matte gray tone. No glitter.
  • Blanks #1-2 are lightweight unsanded finish. It also avoides wet line sticks the blanks.
  • All guides equipped with Fuji Titanium Torzite.
  • The tip section has been strengthened to create milder extra first action.
  • SHIMANO’s 3000-SW6000 class is widely compatible
Length Lure Wt. Line Rod weight
7ft.8inch 2-32g PE#0.8-2 175g
Guides Rod action Collapsed length Tip/butt diameter
All Fuji Titanium Torzite Fast 83cm 1.7mm/12.3mm

Domestic price69,300JPY